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Join now with sexy models - How to see good looking female bodies

Owners of an unwavering will, tied to rigorous diets, female bodybuilders defy the aesthetic standards imposed on women for ages. Their disciplined bodies show superiority in an art on which most fail. They like stage, fame and the image reflected by the mirror. They love to be admired, for that reason many of them have their own blogs where they share their journey along with their most outstanding pictures.

Feminine beauty that challenges constructed standards

Following a daily exercise routine and tying themselves to a strict dietary plan, female bodybuilders are always executing pharaonic tasks. This discipline arouses admiration, desire and fascination on many. Their bodies deserve to be appreciated and respected for escaping culturally constructed boundaries.

They know how to present their achievements by mastering the art of posing. They are aware that through specific movements they can show certain muscles. Everything depends of what is prioritized during a contest.

These fitness women are not afraid of challenging the aesthetic ideal of the perfect figure coined by society. Their robustness introduces another way to admire feminine features disrupting the conventionalisms.

Women with a steady will

In the eighties, a group of women challenged the limits of the so-called weak sex. They surpassed in terms of muscle force and volume the measures of many male bodybuilders. Innovative training techniques allowed them to acquire a level of muscular hypertrophy that was unconceivable up to that moment.

Lenda Murray was the first on creating a new mark in terms of muscle volume which entitled her to win the Miss Olimpia prize for six consecutive years.

For those who love bodybuilding, there is nothing more beautiful than a well defined and toned body. The attractiveness of a hypertrophied muscle mass, the absence of fat and above all, the time and effort invested on such work of art.

Filled with discipline and routines, the life of a female bodybuilder is an arduous and long road that only makes sense before the eyes of those who appreciate her attractiveness.